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At the Feline Health Care Corner, our goal is to provide you with accurate information about your cat and your cat's health. We cover topics ranging from general feline health care issues to specific cat disease topics. We are an informational site only.

You will not find cat medications for sale here. Our purpose is to educate you about feline health, so that you are better able to make informed decisions about your cat's health care needs. Our emphasis is on preventive feline health care, however we do cover individual cat disease topics as well. 

We suggest that you bookmark this site now, before you go any farther. We hope you will want to return again and again to answer questions about your cat's health.

What You Will Find in the Feline Health Care Corner

If you're a cat owner, you'll find information about routine feline health care. We can also answer your questions about specific cat diseases.

You'll also find information on special feline topics, such when you should take your cat to the veterinarian and how to give your cat medications.

Special information about declawing is included and you'll want to know how you can keep your family safe from contagious, animal-borne diseases.

House-soiling can be a big problem for cat owners and you'll find tips for solving house-soiling issues.

Our glossary of terms contains definitions of commonly used terms in the field of veterinary medicine.

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Your Cat's Veterinarian

While we offer a great deal of advice and information about feline health care here and hope you will take advantage of it, please remember that the cornerstone of responsible cat ownership is regular veterinary care. We urge you to schedule regular visits with your cat's veterinarian and to contact your cat's veterinarian with any questions you have regarding your cat's individual health care needs. We strongly feel that a trusting relationship with a caring veterinarian is the best gift you can give your cat.

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